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 LOVE TRUTH: Shares the love of Jesus with others by being an answer to someone’s prayer.

John 14:6 King James Version (KJV)Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

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About Us


We are Love Truth Ministries and we are about the LOVE OF JESUS, Love of self, love of community and with that come taking the time to “GET TO KNOW OTHERS” as others “GET TO KNOW US” and being supportive and caring of others in our family and community.

I am Kim Williams††††; I studied at Baltimore City Community College with credits in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandise.  I am a graduate of Walbrook Sr., High of Baltimore, Maryland where I studied business.

 I have volunteered at Movements Unlimited Performing Arts Company, assisting them with their Summer Camp.  There I had the opportunity to work with children, escorting them on trips, and opening up to them the world of fashion and feeding hundreds a day in the Summer Program.  This was the time that I realized how many of our children go hungry because they really depend on Food Programs.

 During this time I found myself seeking ways to help others, so I decided to buy personal items such as deodorant, hand soap, wash cloths, small hand towels, tooth brushes, tooth paste, lotion, and socks.  I bagged them up and began driving around the streets of Baltimore, Maryland and handing them out to homeless people. 

 I attended Gospel Tabernacle Church and studied under the direction of the Awesome Man of GOD – Bishop (Reginald L. Kennedy, PhD.) and his lovely wife.  I am now attending New Psalmist Baptist Church under the leadership of another Awesome Man of GOD – Bishop Walter S. Thomas., SR.

 I am a passionate care giver for my lovely Mother, Mrs. Edith Williams, of 90 years young and LOVE TRUTH MINISTRIES is also my PASSION! 

 My program includes prayer for others, praying with others, delivery of food, and other necessary items to those in need.

 I depend on various organizations, Churches, neighbors, family member, schools and others to inform me of those who are truly in need.  Together with people like you and others who are in a little better position to help others, we can do this!


Purpose Driven Travel 1 – is the Travel part of our Ministry.

  Purpose Driven Travel 1 allows everyday people to travel to beautiful places, stay at 4 and 5 Star hotels at unbelievable prices.  You may choose to use our Vortex Website – It is an invitation only website that allows you to save on your travel 85%-95% of the time.

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   Purpose Driven Travel 1: Is dedicated and determined to travel to a variety of venues, but to concentrate our energy on trips like The Holy Land Experience, The Dutch Country – Religious Theater, Museums, other fun, educational and religious events. 

 It is a great way for Christians to travel and fellowship together while seeing the world!

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Helping others improve their finances: Love Truth Ministry is able to give to those in need, but realizes it is also important to show people how to “fish”.  The Surge 365 business opportunity will allow a person to earn extra part time/full time income or to create a new career.  This is an opportunity for people who can appreciate operating their own “home based business”.  Our ministry is about “freedom, both time freedom and financial freedom.”