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LOVE TRUTH: Shares the love of Jesus with others by being an answer to someone’s prayer.

John 14:6 King James Version (KJV)Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

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·       Events

·       Our most current event is an wonderful trip to Orlando, Florida – The Holy Land Experience

·        Up Coming Trip: THE HOLY LAND EXPERIENCE! Go to


·        September 24- September 30, 2017. 

·        Come and go with us to Orlando Florida, The Holy Land Experience and have an awesomely Blessed Time!

·        Includes:

·        1.  The Holy Land /experience - Ancient Jerusalem re-created in Orlando, Florida!

·        2.  Wells' Built Museum of African American History and Culture

·        3.  Bok tower Gardens - National Historic Landmark and tranquil oasis

·        4.  "Florida's Natural" Grove House

·        5.  Famous Davidson of Dundee Citrus Candy Factory

·        6.  Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary Queen of The Universe 

·        7.  See website for meals and lodging information too!

·        8.  Please post at your hair salon/barber shop, church, employee lounge, restaurant and pass to others it will be a great blessing to us all!

·        We are accepting the $75.00 per person deposit to hold each person's space and to show commitment to this trip.   The Price for the event is  $615 pp. We also highly recommend that each person purchases the Travel Insurance too.  Also please call us at 252-406-0774 and ask for Cynthia or Kim so that we may go over the details and e-mail you the payment plan so that we may get you on your way. Full payment July 17, 2017.

·        Seats are filling fast so –Hurry up and get your deposit in.

Other Events:  “Getting TO Know You” – This event is usually held twice a month on a Saturday.  We have two sessions on each of those Saturdays. We will announce the upcoming schedule for this event.  Session 1. Starts at 3:00 and ends at 5:00. It is a Prayer Brunch with time factored in for business owners to share what they do.   Of course we share what we do too! The 2nd Session starts at 6:00 pm. and ends at 8:00 pm. This event  is a Golden Opportunity for us to network and to work together to support each other. This is open to Business Owners and Non-Business Owners too! For Non-Business owners it gives you an opportunity to see what is out here in the world of business, meet new products and services as well as possible opportunity for you to start up your own business under the guidance of one of these awesome business owners.

On a Deeper level- Our “Getting To Know You” event will allow business owners to network and to see how Purpose Driven Travel 1 can be a Blessing to them too! The “Getting to Know You” event is also for the non business owner to look at Purpose Driven Travel 1 business opportunity (our three products) while building a relationship and when directed by the Holy Ghost to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.

Meet some of the folks we have met at our “Getting To Know You “event.

1.   Have you met Ms. Myra Gaskins of “Heart Matters Greetings” – This wonderful young lady will create personalized greeting cards for you at reasonable prices. Simply go to heartmattersgreetings.com or heartmattergreetings@yahoo.com and tell her you heard about it from Purpose Driven Travel 1, and then let Ms. Gaskins create personalized greeting cards for you too!

 Ms. Gaskins has sat down with us and helped us choose and design cards to send out to family, friends and for business purposes too.  We are pleased and highly recommend her services.

2.   Have you met Ms. Barbara Williams of “Valentus”, well you will have to give this coffee a try and see if it works for you.  Just contact  Ms. Williams at www.valentusmoviecom/lookatcoffee or www.valentustour.com/lookatcoffee

Ms. Williams is another gem and will allow you to sample this coffee and other products to see if this is a match for you.

3.   Mr. Tyrone Dabney of Primerica - Consider this dynamic couple Mr. Tyrone Dabney and his lovely wife Joi L. Dabney for your financial service and insurance needs. Contact info: Tyrone195757@gmail.com or call Mr. Dabney at 410-456-7793, or Mrs. Joi Dabney at 443-858-5229, e-mail jgriffin@primerica.com

4.  Mr. David L. Murphy – We have known this gentleman for the past 30 years and he is truly the network of networkers. The National Portal – The Network of Networks –Mr. Murphy is the National Director and can be contacted at (443)455-2373 info@thenationalportal.com  or at http://www.thenationalportal.com/ 

5.  Mr. Lamonte Chester – Supporting all of your cleaning needs.  This young business owner is passionate about getting your car cleaned.  He has a car detailing business and also does office cleaning and home cleaning.  He can be contacted at LAMONTECHESTER@gmail.com and 443-467-5024

6.  Ms. Sunshine King –CEO of SUNSHINE PROJECT H.E.L.P.  & Wheel Power.  She is a Wellness Practitioner and Entertainment Coach.  Check her out at www.SunshineProjectHelp.org

7.  Sitawi and Cynthia W. Jahi – The Movements Unlimited Group, Includes Movements Unlimited Performing Arts Company Inc. – 252-406-0774, The TAX HELPER , (252) 458-3712, also www.taxhelper.weebly.com ,  Movements Unlimited Travel – www.myvortex365.com/mugroup, www.surge365.com/mugroup. Catch their Blog talk radio program too.  Call for more information on The Home Based Business 101 Blog Talk Radio 9:00 am est. and The Jasarislove Show 12:00 noon every Friday. Call in 5 minutes ahead of time and listen on (323)843-6036.


Kim Williams 252-406-0774